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We are currently having our MASSIVE Autumn/Winter Sale! We are devoted to keeping you colourful and fabulous even in the coldest months 🌈

If any of you lovely Marmaladies have any questions, we are ALWAYS here to help 💋

About our selfie 💟

Hey Marmaladies, welcome to our little online store! We are a Women's Clothing Boutique based in Northern Ireland, with stores in Ballymena and Belfast.

Marmalade is all about being DIFFERENT. Our fashion forward collections marries retro influences with modern, and eccentric with wearable. Here at Marmalade, we believe every woman deserves to look and feel incredible so we try our best to guarantee that every item we sell is flattering and, of course, FABULOUS!

We are always on the look out to find you new and exciting brands that will brighten up your wardrobe and make you excited about getting dressed again!

Lots of love Marmalade 💋

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